Building a future of affordable and accessible mobility for all

bamboo labs is an award-winning social enterprise in Ethiopia working to address the growing aspirations for sustainable and accessible mobility in Addis Ababa. Capitalising on the huge supply of bamboo in Ethiopia and aligning with the government’s push for more sustainable modes of transport, we are producing wheelchairs and bicycles made out of bamboo for the local market. We also have plans to produce bamboo bike frames for export.

Time for change?

With a wave of rapid population and economic growth, Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa is increasingly facing loss of the public realm, increasing air pollution, and more traffic fatalities. The city’s population has doubled in the past twenty years and is now estimated to be around 5 million. The availability of good quality bicycles at affordable prices has until now been limited together with an awareness among the general public about the benefits of cycling. These challenges are now being addressed in government strategies for non-motorised transport in which bamboo labs aims to play its part.

Our Impact

bamboo labs aims to be a leading player in the bamboo market in Ethiopia and contribute towards bringing about a more equitable, safer and greener mobility plan for the country. Using locally sourced bamboo it is already creating jobs and strengthening the local economy. The company is also advocating for more sustainable modes of transport and a reduced carbon footprint.